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  Patterns For Letter: T
Talisman By International / Rogers & Bro. (Silverplate)
Talisman Black By Christofle Silverplate (Silverplate)
Talisman Black
Talisman Green By Christofle Silverplate (Silverplate)
Talisman Green
Talisman Sienna Brown By Christofle Silverplate (Silverplate)
Talisman Sienna Brown
Talisman Sienna Brown - Set By Christofle Silverplate (Silverplate)
Talisman Sienna Brown - Set
Tangier By Community / Oneida (Silverplate)
Tea Tura - BSF 90 * - Set By European Silverplate (Silverplate)
Tea Tura -  BSF 90 * - Set
Tenere By Christofle Silverplate (Silverplate)
Terrace By International Silverplate (Silverplate)
Thistle By Art Krupp - Berndorff Metal Co. - Silverplate (Silverplate)
Thistle By National Silverplate (Silverplate)
Thistle By R&B / International Silverplate (Silverplate)
Thistle - Set By Art Krupp - Berndorff Metal Co. - Silverplate (Silverplate)
Thistle - Set
Tiger Lily aka Festivity By Reed and Barton Silverplate (Silverplate)
Tiger Lily aka Festivity
Tiger Lily aka Festivity - Set #2 By Reed and Barton Silverplate (Silverplate)
Tiger Lily aka Festivity - Set #2
Tipped Silverplate By International Silverplate (Silverplate)
Tipped Silverplate
Tipt By Scottish Silverplate (Silverplate)
Torchon  By Buccellati Silverplate (Silverplate)
Treasure By International / Rogers (Silverplate)
Trevi By Buccellati Silverplate (Silverplate)
Triade By Christofle Silverplate (Silverplate)
Triade * - Set By Christofle Silverplate (Silverplate)
Triade * - Set
Triade - Gold Accent By Christofle Silverplate (Silverplate)
Triade - Gold Accent
Triade - Gold Accent * - Set By Christofle Silverplate (Silverplate)
Triade - Gold Accent * - Set
Trillia By Oneida Silverplate (Silverplate)
Triumph By Holmes & Edwards / Int (Silverplate)
Triumph 1925 By International / Rogers (Silverplate)
Triumph 1925
Triumph 1941 By International / Rogers (Silverplate)
Triumph 1941
Triumph 1968 By Deep Silver / International (Silverplate)
Triumph 1968
Triumph 1968 Set By Deep Silver / International (Silverplate)
Triumph 1968 Set
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