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  Patterns For Letters: m -md
Madamoiselle By Reed and Barton Silverplate (Silverplate)
Madelon By Tudor Plate / Oneida (Silverplate)
Magic Rose By International / Rogers (Silverplate)
Magic Rose
Magnolia By International / Rogers (Silverplate)
Magnolia aka Inspiration By International / Rogers (Silverplate)
Magnolia aka Inspiration
Maid of Honor By Reed and Barton Silverplate (Silverplate)
Maid of Honor
Majestic By 1847 Rogers / International (Silverplate)
Majestic By International / Rogers (Silverplate)
Malibu By Oneida (Silverplate)
Malmaison By Christofle Silverplate (Silverplate)
Malmaison - Set  By Christofle Silverplate (Silverplate)
Malmaison - Set
Malmaison - Vermeil By Christofle Silverplate (Silverplate)
Malmaison - Vermeil
Marcella aka Clifton By Wm A Rogers / Oneida (Silverplate)
Marcella aka Clifton
Margate aka Arcadia By SL&GH Rogers / Oneida (Silverplate)
Margate aka Arcadia
Marie Antoinette By Boulenger Silverplate (Silverplate)
Marie Antoinette
Marie Antoinette By Christofle Silverplate (Silverplate)
Marie Antoinette
Marie Antoinette * - Set By Revinet D'Enfert - Silverplate (Silverplate)
Marie Antoinette * - Set
Marie Antoinette - Set By Christofle Silverplate (Silverplate)
Marie Antoinette - Set
Marigold aka Elizabeth By Wm A Rogers / Oneida (Silverplate)
Marigold aka Elizabeth
Marina By Holmes & Edwards / Int (Silverplate)
Marly By Christofle Silverplate (Silverplate)
Marly By Ercuis Silverplate (Silverplate)
Marly * - Set #2 By Christofle Silverplate (Silverplate)
Marly * - Set #2
Marly * - Set #3 By Christofle Silverplate (Silverplate)
Marly * - Set #3
Marly - Set #1 By Christofle Silverplate (Silverplate)
Marly - Set #1
Marquise 1900 By International / Rogers & Hamilton (Silverplate)
Marquise 1900
Marquise 1933 By 1847 Rogers / International (Silverplate)
Marquise 1933
Marquise 1933 SET By 1847 Rogers / International (Silverplate)
Marquise 1933 SET
Martha Washington By EHH Smith / National (Silverplate)
Martha Washington
Maryland Rose (looks like Rose) By Kirk Stieff Silverplate (Silverplate)
Maryland Rose (looks like Rose)
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