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Unusual Pieces

The Museum Unusual Pieces Items
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Inventory for:  The Museum Unusual Pieces
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Piece (Unusual Pieces)
 SKU  Our Price
Tiffany sterling Bread Fork with Unusual Cast Hand  M0007   $1,495
Duhme Ice or Pea Spoon Rococo design  M0024   $379
Gorham All Sterling Crumber with 3D Geometric Hand  M0082   $1,495
Angelo Ice Cream Slice by Gorham  M0087   $750
Gothic Dome Ice Cream Server  M0089   $2,495
Arabesque Fish Set by Whiting  M0092   $2,495
Lotus by Gorham Large Ice Cream Slice  M0040   $1,295
Sharpe Gothic Dome Sauce Ladle circa 1880  M0044   $695
Gorham Berry Spoon #H180 dated 1904  M0046   $1,295
Set of 12 Gorham Leaf Ice Cream Spoons  M0053   $2,950
Isis Berry Spoon with Notch by Gorham  M0097   $1,495
Medici Old Cake Saw by Gorham  M0102   $695
Tiffany London Heinz Soup Spoon with box  M0130   $1,295
Gorham 18360 heavy cast bonbierre  M0133   $975
2 English Serving Spoons in box  M0137   $249
4 Tiffany Blackberry Fruit Forks  M0145   $429
6 Tiffany Blackberry Ice Cream Spoons  M0146   $475
6 Tiffany Blackberry Berry Forks  M0147   $379
Tiffany Olympian Hollow Handle Crumber  M0149   $2,950
Tiffany Blackberry Dolpin Shaped Ice Cream Server  M0150   $1,695
Egyptian Sugar Sifter Ladle by Whiting  M0164   $495
Hindu Crumber by Gorham  M0165   $1,495
4 Tiffany Large Blotter Corners  M0189   $1,200
Tiffany Dresser Set with Cherubs  M0202   $4,950
Ivory Asparagus Server by Whiting  M0204   $2,495
Ivory Salad Serving Set by Whiting  M0207   $1,295
Ivory Sauce ladle by Whiting  M0208   $795
Ivory Sugar Spoon  M0209   $479
Ivory Fish Serving Set by Whiting  M0212   $1,975
Ivory Asparagus Server by Whiting  M0213   $2,495
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